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About her: As it is shown in chapter 37, during a short talk with Zero, Yuki refers to herself as not being the same as before. Zero can sense that Yuki is a pureblood and aims "Bloody Rose" at her. Yuki claims that her vampire side "ate" her human one and the new Yuki is nothing like the one that Zero knows.[2] Although her declaration could have been because of the pain of having Zero pull out a gun on her, especially since immediately afterwards she is creeped out by Aido speaking to her respectfully, saying 'it's gross' and that she expected him to keep saying 'Yuki Cross' or 'hey you'. She may have been simply referring to the changes in her life the situation will force on her.

In Chapter 39, Yuki's best friend, Yori, finds out about her vampire side, but still hugs her, calling her an idiot for distancing herself from her. Kaname also planned to take Yuki and leave school. It is revealed in chapter 41 that she decided not to go leave with Kaname. Even though Yuuki does not go with Kaname, it is suspected that she plans on returning to him sometime in the future.

She is also sensitive to sunlight, as it was the first time she ever saw sunlight with her vampire eyes. Before her memory loss, her parents kept her confined in a well-furnished underground chamber, preventing other vampires from finding out about her. When she changed into a vampire, her hair grew longer, thus making her look like her mother, Juri.

In chapter 41, it is shown at first that the Artemis Rod (an anti-vampire weapon) is rejecting Yuki when she holds it, for she is not a human anymore, but a vampire. Later in this chapter, when Yuki is still holding the Artemis Rod (that still rejects her) it suddenly morphes into an impressive death-like scythe, which can be seen in some earlier illustrations by Matsuri Hino (such as the cover of Volume 2). Since then, it does not reject her anymore. However, it is still unknown why it morphed. It might be possible that Kaname did something to the Artemis rod when Yuki attacked him due to a hallucination. Part of the Artemis rod changed and later in the chapter Yuki touches the rod where Kaname touched it. Also, just before Artemis changed the part that had origanlly changed reappeared.
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